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The Importance of TM66 for Tamlite: Being Ahead of the Curve

Why is TM66 so important to us? For years, Tamlite has been at the forefront of advocating for sustainable product development and manufacturing practices. Our commitment to these practices has not only allowed us to push a significant number of products to the Lighting Industry Association (LIA) for testing and approval, but it has also solidified our position as leaders in the market. By prioritising sustainability, we have been able to provide our customers with high-quality products that not only meet their needs but also align with their values.

TM66 Assured Products

Tamlite CITY WP
Tamlite REVO SPORT LUX Awards Interior luminaire of the Year 2019 Electrical industry Awards 2019 Commercial Product of the Year
SIGNUM Range Architectural linear modules
Tamlite AIR Circular decorative suspended pendant
CORNICE Surface or Corner Mount Luminaire
IKON Range Professional recessed downlight
i3 Recessed Adjustable Downlight
i5 High Output Recessed Adjustable Downlight
i1 Recessed Compact Professional Downlight
SONATA Range High impact track spots

Our Commitment

Tamlite, are committed to providing our customers with the most sustainable and circular lighting solutions possible. That is why we are proud to be the first lighting manufacturer in the UK to achieve TM66 certified status for 30 of our product ranges. Currently, Tamlite is at the forefront, boasting an impressive accomplishment - over 50% of the products, to achieve the prestigious TM66 assured status, belong to us.
TM66 is the product verification scheme developed by the Lighting Industry Association (LIA) and the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE). It provides independent verification of lighting manufacturers' circularity claims, ensuring accuracy and credibility at product level.

Assured Product Status

For each product to achieve TM66 Assured status, Tamlite has undergone a rigorous assessment process. This has involved demonstrating our commitment to circularity principles in all areas of our business, from product design and manufacturing to end-of-life management.

Being TM66 Assured is important to Tamlite for several reasons. Primarily, it demonstrates our commitment to sustainability and circularity. We believe that the lighting industry has a responsibility to reduce its environmental impact, and TM66 is a key tool in helping us, and our customers, to achieve these goals.

Secondly, TM66 Assured gives our customers confidence that they are choosing sustainable and circular lighting solutions. This is increasingly important to businesses and organisations, as they are under increasing pressure to reduce their environmental impact.

Finally, TM66 Assured helps us to stay ahead of our competitors. As the demand for sustainable lighting solutions continues to grow, those manufacturers that are TM66 Assured will be in a strong position to meet this demand.

Our REVO Sport holds a score of 2.7, which makes it one of the highest scoring products assessed by the LIA so far. Tamlite have over 20 products certified, and Tamlite always remain committed to the circular economy and improving the sustainability of our products.

Principle Benefits

Here are some of the specific benefits that TM66 Assured offers to Tamlite and its customers:

Demonstration of commitment to sustainability and circularity: TM66 Assured, for our products, demonstrates that Tamlite is committed to reducing its environmental impact and providing its customers with sustainable lighting solutions.

Increased customer confidence: TM66 Assured gives customers confidence that they are choosing sustainable and circular lighting products.

Competitive advantage: Tamlite is the first lighting manufacturer in the UK to achieve TM66 Assured (for specific products) status, which gives it a competitive advantage in the market.

Improved product design and manufacturing: By following TM66 principles, Tamlite can design and manufacture products that are more sustainable and circular.

Reduced end-of-life waste: TM66 helps Tamlite to reduce the amount of waste generated by its products at the end of their life cycle.

Overall, TM66 Assured is an important certification for Tamlite and its customers. It demonstrates our commitment to sustainability and circularity, gives our customers confidence in our products, and give us a strong market advantage.

Thought and Technical Leadership

Thought leadership and technical leadership in the lighting industry are essential for driving innovation and progress. Thought leaders, like Tamlite, are at the forefront of the industry, shaping thinking and setting trends. We like to feel that we have a responsibility to envision the future of lighting and developing novel solutions to meet the needs of a changing world. Our technical leadership manages the responsibility for developing and implementing the technologies that make thought leadership possible.

Thought and technical leadership, at Tamlite, is essential for several reasons. Firstly, it helps us to ensure that we remain at the forefront of innovation. As thought leaders we are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible, exploring innovative technologies and developing new ways to use light. Being technical leaders too makes us responsible for bringing these ideas to life, translating them into practical products and solutions.

Furthermore, thought, and technical leadership in the lighting industry helps to raise awareness of the importance of lighting for human health and well-being. As thought leaders we are continuing to educate the public about the impact of light on our circadian rhythms, our sleep, and our overall well-being, with our technical leaders developing new lighting solutions that are designed to promote human health and well-being.

As thought and technical leadership in the lighting industry helps to drive sustainability and energy efficiency, we continue to advocate for the use of more energy-efficient lighting technologies and for the adoption of sustainable lighting practices.

Together, let us continue to make a positive impact on the industry and the environment.

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