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Groundlights are a modern way to enhance and illuminate an outside space. They add ambience to a garden as well as practicality at night. Outdoor ground lights are often buried below a surface to safely illuminate paths, seating areas and steps which can help to achieve an impressive look in any space. Tamlite Ground lights are IP66 and IK08 rated for superior protection and are available in various options to suit the installation. Read More ...

What type of Groundlights does Tamlite offers?

Tamlite groundlights come in ground mounted or linear plinth styles. As part of the vast CITY urban lighting range, CITY GS and CITY LF are two groundlights that offer different benefits and aesthetics for various projects.

CITY GS can be installed either recessed into the ground surface or sat on top. It is an exterior building and signage light for highlighting features. For example, CITY GS is the ideal solution for lighting a statue or piece of exterior artwork. A great benefit of being able to install a luminaire recessed into a ground surface is that they can go unnoticed and hidden during the time they are off (during the day), and then produce displays without any protrusion – meaning it doesn’t stand out unnecessarily or provide any tripping/safety hazards.

CITY LF is a linear floodlight which can also be fitted to a wall. Superior lighting performance aside, the CITY LF offers a number of other benefits over more traditional solutions. The luminaire provides for a more straightforward installation than multiple smaller fittings, to achieve a similar level of light output. Reduced fitting time is one immediate advantage, alongside reduced ongoing maintenance time and cost. Fitting a single unit also has the benefit of being less susceptible to misalignment, making it easier on install and creating a symmetrical lighting system.


Wall or Plinth Linear Floodlight

IP665 Years Warranty2 Years On-Site Warranty (T&C`s Apply)


Ground Mounted Spotlight

IP665 Years Warranty2 Years On-Site Warranty (T&C`s Apply)