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Lighting for Office

We understand that office facilities need to be geared around employees to increase performance and promote wellbeing. Switching from fluorescent lighting to LED is more than an energy saving solution, it can have significant benefits in terms of staff wellbeing, which in turn will boost productivity and efficiency in the workplace. The right lighting aids concentration and focus, as well as reducing energy consumption throughout the building.

12.5 million working days are lost each year to stress and depression. Working on computers for long periods can cause discomfort, eye-strain and headaches, which increase the rate of absenteeism in offices and reduce efficiency, highlighting the importance of a human centred working environment for staff.

At Tamlite, we believe that human-centric approaches to lighting in the workplace need to be at the top of the business agenda. This means creating a perfect balance between natural and artificial light in order to adjust to our daily rhythms and enhance wellbeing. The right light - in the right place - brings about the most positive of outcomes. It can energise mood, inspire creativity and enhance performance; it can improve health and cognition and contribute to reduced stress; it can even boost productivity.
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Open Plan Areas
Break Out Areas

Lighting for Reception

Lighting in a reception area plays an important role for making staff and visitors feel welcome, as well as emphasising the brand values. The lighting solution is designed to ‘set the scene’, and helps to create the right first impression.

Lighting for Office

In combination with a plentiful supply of fresh air and effective ventilation, well-designed lighting ensures an efficient, effective and healthy office environment. Reducing direct visible glare from luminaires and reflection off computer screens is key to a productive office.

Lighting for Open Plan Areas

In large, open plan offices, the lighting system needs to reflect the needs of all employees. Cool white in the morning and lunchtime, followed by warmer white in the afternoon ensures that staff are comfortable, allowing full concentration throughout the day.

Lighting for Break Out Areas

Communal areas, such as kitchens, canteens and staff rooms, all require different lighting solutions. With their irregular usage, these areas would benefit from lights with options for dimming, daylight detection and presence control, as well as emergency lighting.

Lighting for Corridors

Corridors connect spaces in the workplace, creating a network for employees to move about. Natural light can be scarce in corridors, so the lighting needs to create a bright, open environment for workers and guests to navigate and move quickly.

Lighting for Emergency

Emergency lighting is crucial in office environments. Some office blocks can hold hundreds of workers, all from different companies. It is vital that, in the event of a power outage or severe emergency, occupants can exit the building quickly and safely. Therefore, escape routes, exit signs and open areas must be sufficiently illuminated, to allow many people to vacate the building at once.

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Offices and workspace lighting must satisfy a variety of needs, and technology choices should be carefully considered. Yet, armed with the right knowledge, it is possible to make the right choices that will net real business benefits. Whether you are an estates director, a property and maintenance manager or an FM, our workspace lighting experts can assist you at every stage of your lighting specification process: from product selection to advice on how to build a board-level business case for your lighting upgrade.