Recessed Module for Low Glare and Office Areas

  • Suitable for office installations and general or task area lighting
  • Tamlite I-Tech multi-cell optic provides excellent glare control with BS EN-12464 compliance
  • Integrated emergency option available
  • Outstanding uniformity with up to 3m spacings
  • CRI: Ra>80
  • Steel frame, finished in white (RAL 9016)
  • Semi-opal high performance polycarbonate optic
  • TP(a) rated optic
  • Supplied in neutral white (4000K) LED
  • Up to 130 lumens per Watt efficacy
IP20IK04Electrical class 25 Years Warranty2 Years On-Site Warranty (T&C`s Apply)
≤4K lm
≤31 W
≤130 lm/W
Product Filter

If you don’t have a part number, use the filter to find what you need. Select product and light source first to narrow the output and power options.

Order CodeDescriptionlmWlm/WCut outL(mm)W(mm)D(mm)Add to Project
LGK66200NW16W - 4000K20001612559559559542
LGK66200NWA316W - 4000K20001612559559559542
LGK66200NWD16W - 4000K20001612559559559542
LGK66200NWD316W - 4000K20001612559559559542
LGK66200NWDA316W - 4000K20001612559559559542
LGK66200NWDD316W - 4000K20001612559559559542
LGK66200NWDM316W - 4000K20001612559559559542
LGK66200NWM316W - 4000K20001612559559559542
LGK66300NW23W - 4000K30002313059559559542
LGK66300NWA323W - 4000K30002313059559559542
LGK66300NWD23W - 4000K30002313059559559542
LGK66300NWD323W - 4000K30002313059559559542
LGK66300NWDA323W - 4000K30002313059559559542
LGK66300NWDD323W - 4000K30002313059559559542
LGK66300NWDM323W - 4000K30002313059559559542
LGK66300NWM323W - 4000K30002313059559559542
LGK66400NW31W - 4000K40003112959559559542
LGK66400NWA331W - 4000K40003112959559559542
LGK66400NWD31W - 4000K40003112959559559542
LGK66400NWD331W - 4000K40003112959559559542
LGK66400NWDA331W - 4000K40003112959559559542
LGK66400NWDD331W - 4000K40003112959559559542
LGK66400NWDM331W - 4000K40003112959559559542
LGK66400NWM331W - 4000K40003112959559559542