Vision Connect

Vision Connect gives more control to end-users than series of lighting controls. Vision Connect is a wired lighting system, allowing end-users to select lighting “scenes”, set time of use requirements and conduct emergency lighting testing and reporting, all from a central network point.

Vision Connect gives freedom to facility managers, controlling the lighting system itself. The luminaires share information with one another, in conjunction with occupancy sensors, allowing a complete, automated lighting system. However, the ease of use of Vision Connect allows facility managers to seamlessly take control, and harmonise the lighting to their requirements.

Swipe the image above to see the effect of Tamlite Vision Connect tunable white lighting.

The above image shows the difference between cool white (5500K) and warm white (3000K) lighting colour temperature in a classroom.

Tunable white lighting ensures that a cooler lighting output is used in the morning to boost productivity, followed by a warmer output in the afternoon.

This reflects the natural daylight cycle, making staff and students feel more comfortable at their desks, enhancing performance and increasing wellbeing.

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