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Recessed Modules

Recessed LED modules are more than just a light source. They provide an architectural element that elevates the entire space. They sit flush with the ceiling, becoming an almost invisible part of the design, yet their impact is undeniable. Whether you're creating the ideal office environment or concentration centred classroom, these fixtures add a modern look while providing exceptional illumination. These fixtures are designed and built with LED technology to massively reduce energy consumption compared to traditional lighting sources. This translates to lower energy bills and a smaller carbon footprint, making LED recessed modules a responsible choice for eco-conscious individuals. Read More ...

Variations of LED recessed modules

Some recessed modular light fixture ranges come available with different colour temperature options, dimming capabilities and emergency functions, giving control over your lighting. Create a warm and inviting ambiance with soft, yellow light or switch to a cooler, invigorating tone for focused tasks. The low glare characteristics further enhance visual comfort, reducing eye strain and creating a more pleasant environment for everyone. Some solutions within the Tamlite recessed module range also come as a surface version.

These fixtures are crafted with quality in mind. They're built from durable materials and engineered to withstand the test of time. Their extended lifespan minimises the need for replacements, saving money on maintenance and reducing the hassle of constantly changing lamps.

Sustainability and functionality

Recessed modular LED lighting fixtures offer a winning combination of style, sustainability, and functionality. They seamlessly integrate into your space, enhance aesthetics, and provide adaptable lighting for any mood or activity. Choose recessed modules for a lighting solution that is efficient, aesthetically pleasing, and perfect for areas that demand comfortable, low glare lighting to aid concentration and wellbeing.


Recessed Asymmetric Module for Plasterboard Ceilings

IP20IK04Electrical class 17 Years Warranty
≤3K lm
≤23 W
≤130 lm/W


Anti-ligature Recessed Module

Microwave sensor
IP65IK14Electrical class 15 Years Warranty
≤5K lm
≤41 W
≤122 lm/W


Recessed Module for SAS Type Ceilings

IP20IK04Electrical class 17 Years Warranty
≤3K lm
≤31 W
≤120 lm/W


Recessed Module for Low Glare and Office Areas

PIR + photocell
IP20IK06Electrical class 15 Years Warranty
≤130 lm/W


High Performance Backlit Recessed Module with VDT Optic

IP44IK04Electrical class 2Electrical class 15 Years Warranty
≤8K lm
≤64 W
≤133 lm/W


Recessed Module with UGR<19 Optic

IP20IK04Electrical class 17 Years Warranty
≤4K lm
≤26 W
≤154 lm/W


Recessed IP54 Sealed Module

IP54IK10Electrical class 15 Years Warranty
≤6K lm
≤50 W
≤120 lm/W


Recessed IP65 Sealed Module

IP65IK08Electrical class 17 Years Warranty
≤7.8K lm
≤70 W
≤111 lm/W


Recessed Office Module

IP20IK04Electrical class 17 Years Warranty
≤4K lm
≤37 W
≤120 lm/W


Recessed Back Lit Module with Low Glare Optic

IP20IK04Electrical class 27 Years Warranty
≤4K lm
≤30 W
≤133 lm/W