The complete residential lighting solution.

Tamlite has experience in designing and supplying quality lighting solutions for residential environments, creating atmospheres that are welcoming, aesthetically pleasing and easily navigable for building occupants and visitors. We provide luminaires that enhance any residential space that serves a variety of purposes. Here, you can explore our range of applications to find the right LED lighting solution for your facility.

Lighting for...

Residential spaces are found in every single building. Whether it is a building entrance, corridor or stairwell, the space needs to be inviting and make occupants feel comfortable, while also maintaining energy efficiency as a priority. Lighting where you live, relax and socialise matters. All of these solutions can be connected through innovative, smart lighting controls.

As the connecting space between other rooms, residential environments play a vital role in buildings. This is in terms of navigation and aesthetics, both of which can be improved by quality residential lighting. Tamlite have provided many different solutions in this sector, from stunning football club corporate spaces to the ideal break out spaces for visitors. You can find out more about different residential lighting solutions below.