Made in Britain

Founded in 1967, Tamlite Lighting is proud to have more than half a century of experience in manufacturing quality LED lighting solutions in the UK. Our heritage provides the foundation of this experience, the bedrock upon which we continue to innovate and push the boundaries of lighting technology and development.

Tamlite Lighting Made in Britain

From our 4 UK factories across Redditch and Telford in the heart of the country, Tamlite Lighting designs, manufactures and delivers lighting solutions for a range of different sectors, from residential and commercial applications to industrial buildings and emergency lighting.

As a member of Made in Britain, Tamlite offers assurance of being a high quality UK manufacturer of outstanding luminaires and lighting systems.

Equipped to provide for all sectors - Office, Education, Retail & Leisure, Residential, Emergency, Healthcare, Sports, Urban, and Industrial & Warehousing

Lighting design
UK Manufacturing

End to End Solution

In partnership with Tamtec, Tamlite Lighting’s own printed circuit board manufacturing site, we produce luminaires that hold British manufacturing values from beginning to end.

From the printing of LEDs onto boards, to the physical manufacture of the fittings themselves, to the assembly line where the components all come together, Tamlite delivers luminaires that conclusively are Made in Britain.

British Products, British Material

As a company who takes sustainability and the circular economy very seriously, Tamlite strives to use quality, sustainable materials in all its products.

Extruded aluminium and steel are just some examples of the British-sourced materials that we utilise in our luminaires, using local, Midlands-based manufacturers of the highest quality, so that we can pass that on to our customers.


The Latest Manufacturing Technology

Tamlite has invested more than £4m in recent years into its manufacturing technologies, and continues to find ways to sharpen and improve its production processes to deliver the best possible luminaires.

Our manufacturing prowess throughout all of our factories is borne out of using the latest technology and experienced staff, ensuring consistency and quality in production.

British Manufacturing Values

At the core of Tamlite’s manufacturing principles is the drive to deliver luminaires of the highest quality, which adhere to all relevant British standards.

This encompasses luminaire design and manufactures, emergency lighting standards, and regulations surrounding lighting design – making sure that Tamlite is always offering the very best lighting solution.

British Values