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Lighting for Sports

Tamlite’s modern, efficient lighting technologies offer fresh thinking for sports amenities and applications. Coupled with significant energy and maintenance savings, next-generation lighting technologies deliver optimal coverage of sports halls, eliminate unwanted glare – and can even aid player concentration and energy levels.

Sport Halls

Lighting for Outdoor

Sports halls and arenas require robust, tamper-proof lighting that is able to withstand extremes of weather and temperature - particularly for outdoor lighting. Free-standing and wall-mounted flood-lighting must incorporate long-lasting components, be of high-quality materials and finishes, and deliver lighting that is as maintenance-free as possible. Other siting locations should also be considered, such as ground lights and spotlights, in order to achieve greater coverage and reduction of possible dead-zones.

Lighting for Sport Halls

The best sports halls need high performance lighting if users are to achieve their greatest potential. These spaces demand lighting that meets strict criteria. It must be robust enough to withstand the impact of fast moving objects - and yet offer the best possible energy saving and low maintenance characteristics. All of this must be coupled with maximum uniformity of light and the least possible glare.

Lighting for Arena

For multi-use venues, versatility is key; and light is one of the easiest ways to temporarily change a space’s purpose. An intelligent lighting system can change the lighting for each sporting activity, and to make it suitable for other community events. A digital wall-mounted control panel can allow the user to choose from multiple programmed scenes.

Lighting for Gym

Gyms, with their multi-discipline usage and occupancy levels, need to incorporate lighting with options for dimming, zoning, daylight detection and presence control, as well as emergency lighting. LED lighting provides the versatility needed for these areas.

Lighting for Swimming Pools

Several factors need to be considered if a swimming pool is involved in a lighting upgrade. Not only must lighting be corrosion resistant and rugged enought to cope with higher-than-ambient temperatures, but clearly the safety of users is of paramount importance. That means ensuring effective control of the reflections on the water’s surface. The configuration of the building can also be a determining factor. However, in many cases uplighting constitutes the best approach given that swimmers will experience virtually no discomfort glare from the actual light, as it will be outside their peripheral vision.

Lighting for Changing room / Facilities

Presence detectors that switch the lights on and off as required are a good way of saving energy, as changing rooms are mostly used prior to and after sports events. Lockers and hangers should have sufficient vertical illuminance and high colour rendering make the clothes’ colours visible.

Swimming Pools
Changing room / Facilities
Case studies

There is much more to selecting a sports installation than product cost-efficiency or lifespan. Correctly specified, a new lighting system can deliver significant – and long-lasting benefits – to the staff and users. Our sports sector experts can work with you at every stage of your lighting specification process to ensure maximum benefit from the best possible solution.