Mount Hawke Skatepark, Truro

Tamlite upgrades Mount Hawke Skatepark with radical new lighting system.

With skateboarding being the most recent addition to the Olympic Games schedule, the sport has seen a global rise in popularity. No more so than in the UK.

Once such location taking advantage of this uptake is the Mount Hawke Skatepark in Truro, Cornwall. The space is looking to become a National Skateboarding Hub. This means the skatepark will be compliant with all Skateboard GB standards, delivering the very best experience for skaters and visitors.

Mount Hawke arrived in 1996 and underwent a refit in 2016. However, to ensure that the facility provided good visual conditions and looked aesthetically enhanced, the outdated lighting needed to be upgraded.

Ciaran Ryder, Centre Manager, said: “We wanted to bring the site up to the benchmark standard. With the sport moving so quickly into the mainstream, we needed to make sure Mount Hawke was providing the best facility for our visitors.”

Extreme Sports Lighting

Mount Hawke set about replacing the existing sodium fittings with modern LED solutions. Tamlite Lighting were selected to deliver an upgraded lighting system, specifying the versatile EXPO luminaire with a extra-wide beam optic.

This dramatically enhanced the lux levels throughout the site, ensuring illumination for riders so they could see where they're riding.

Another crucial aspect of the lighting upgrade is the improved uniformity. The extra-wide beam EXPO ensures that light is pushed only where it needs to go, minimising shadowing and improving safety for skaters.

Skaters are known for travelling at high speeds and pulling off extreme tricks. Therefore, it's crucial that their focus and concentration is not impacted by glare or dark spots on the ground. The enhanced safety for skaters is a fundamental way in which Mount Hawke can stand out as a National Skateboarding Hub.

Another benefit for Mount Hawke was the stunning visual aesthetic that the park now delivered. The radically enhanced level of illumination with EXPO luminaires makes the park look spectacular. This also means it's a massive attraction for new visitors.

Ciaran Ryder said: “The new lights look stunning – as we are open until late at night, you can particularly see the difference with the LED fittings. I know it's a cliché, but it really makes the place pop!”

Taking photos and videos of skaters is a huge part of the sport – getting up close to record high quality footage and images. The new lighting now plays a massive part in that, allowing photographers to get vastly improved shots of skaters. This is due to increased visibility and uniformity of the light.


Working Towards Net-Zero Goals

As with everyone around the globe, Mount Hawke is looking to reduce its carbon emissions and move towards its net-zero goals.

The switch from sodium lamp sources to LED lighting delivers significant benefits in terms of energy savings for Mount Hawke. As a result, their ongoing green policies are enhanced to create a more sustainable facility.


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