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New Anti-Ligature Secure Bulkhead, built to prevent vulnerable people from accidentally or intentionally self-harming. SECURE B can be wall or ceiling mounted, and is designed for low, medium, and high-risk secure health and care service environments. Water-tight, vandal-resistant and tamper-proof, SECURE B ensures it cannot be vandalised and nothing can be tied to it.


SECURE S is a surface mounted linear luminaire suited to wards, corridors, and communal areas within the healthcare sector. The rounded/bevelled corners also ensure no sharp edges and prevent points where something can be attached. This robust unit offers excellent light coverage due to its long body (up to 5 foot) and provides a soft visual appearance thanks to an Opal Polycarbonate diffuser.


SECURE M is a range of two heavy-duty anti-ligature luminaires, with two diffuser options available - micro-prism or opal.

Both fittings are high-strength and robust recessed panel modules designed for use in meeting/consultation rooms, clean rooms, and sterile areas. Whilst remaining vandal-resistant and tamper-proof, these SECURE Range solutions provide two contemporary luminaire designs to ensure a non-institutional feel.


This linear corner fitting is suitable for ceiling or wall mounting and along with all SECURE luminaires, is high-impact and vandal-resistant, and tamper-proof. Being built with an opal polycarbonate diffuser allows for the SECURE C to evenly distribute light over a large area, which can help to create a more comfortable and less intrusive lighting environment for patients, benefiting their day-today wellbeing.


SECURE D is a recessed fixed downlight perfect for use in hospital wards and corridors, especially in psychiatric or high risks environments. Designed to be vandal-resistant and tamper-proof, SECURE D also has excellent performance and glare control to ensure a comfortable visual for staff and patients. With dimmable and emergency options also available, SECURE D can maximise energy savings and provide clear emergency signals for evacuations through wards and corridors.


A ligature is something that is used to tie or bind objects to each other tightly. This means that anti-ligature is the prevention of such tying or binding. Anti-ligature devices are meant to prevent vulnerable people from accidentally or intentionally self-harming or harming others.

Our Secure Range lighting solutions are specified and manufactured to help prevent the possibility of accidents, misuse, to be used as weapons or to aid self-harm. They are designed to enhance service-user safety by reducing the possibility of attaching a ligature by minimising the gap between components.

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The use of anti-ligature lighting can help to reduce the risk of self-harm and suicide in environments where there is a heightened risk. By making it more difficult for individuals to create a ligature point, anti-ligature lighting can help to prevent these tragedies from happening.

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Anti-ligature luminaires are built using robust materials which are water-tight and durable with no room to pull apart or force through items such as rope, string, or even a paperclip! They are also strong enough to prevent being pulled down, pried open, or smashed and damaged.


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DS Farrell Head of Wellbeing Tamlite Lighting

We understand that creating a secure, therapeutic environment that is pleasant, and feels safe but not institutional has an important effect on service users and staff.

The Tamlite Secure Range is a new range of anti-ligature lighting, designed and manufactured to be vandal-resistant and tamper-proof, specifically for installation in secure healthcare and high-risk facilities nationally across the UK.

Our Secure B and Secure D range has been independently tested and certified to meet the requirements set out in the Department of Health Environmental Design Guide 2011 for Adult Medium Secure Services.

Anti-ligature lighting prevents vulnerable people from accidentally or intentionally self-harming, or harming others around them. By taking into account the specific needs of the environment, anti-ligature lighting can be designed to provide a safe, comfortable, and supportive environment for everyone.

DS Farrell

Head of Wellbeing

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