Anti-ligature Recessed Downlight

  • Secure fitting built to prevent vulnerable people from accidently or intentionally self-harming
  • Suitable for low, medium and high risk secure services
  • Recessed fix
  • For use in hospital wards and corridors
  • Vandal-resistant and tamper-proof
  • Die-cast aluminium body finished in white (RAL 9010)
  • 6mm Clear polycarbonate diffuser secured by Resistorx screws
  • Integral driver
  • CRI: Ra>80
  • Integrated emergency option available
  • Supplied in neutral white (4000K) LED
  • Independently tested and certified to meet the requirements set out in the Department of Health Environmental Design Guide 2011 for Adult Medium Secure Services
IP65Electrical class 25 Years Warranty2 Years On-Site Warranty (T&C`s Apply)
≤3K lm
≤32 W
≤96 lm/W
Product Filter

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Order CodeDescriptionlmWlm/WCut outDia(mm)D(mm)Add to Project
SCD120NW12W - 4000K12001296185250143
SCD120NWA312W - 4000K12001296185250143
SCD120NWD12W - 4000K12001296185250143
SCD120NWD312W - 4000K12001296185250143
SCD120NWDA312W - 4000K12001296185250143
SCD120NWDD312W - 4000K12001296185250143
SCD120NWDM312W - 4000K12001296185250143
SCD120NWM312W - 4000K12001296185250143
SCD220NW24W - 4000K22002495185250143
SCD220NWA324W - 4000K22002495185250143
SCD220NWD24W - 4000K22002495185250143
SCD220NWD324W - 4000K22002495185250143
SCD220NWDA324W - 4000K22002495185250143
SCD220NWDD324W - 4000K22002495185250143
SCD220NWDM324W - 4000K22002495185250143
SCD220NWM324W - 4000K22002495185250143
SCD300NW32W - 4000K30003296185250143
SCD300NWA332W - 4000K30003296185250143
SCD300NWD32W - 4000K30003296185250143
SCD300NWD332W - 4000K30003296185250143
SCD300NWDA332W - 4000K30003296185250143
SCD300NWDD332W - 4000K30003296185250143
SCD300NWDM332W - 4000K30003296185250143
SCD300NWM332W - 4000K30003296185250143