Occupancy sensors ensure that the lights are not used when the room is unoccupied, dimming or switching off the fittings. This can dramatically reduce energy consumption in a building or facility, as the lights are only on when needed.

Daylight dimming ensures that the lighting is at a consistent level of illumination, in conjunction with natural levels changing throughout the day. This is crucial for buildings with large windows or skylights, as it complements the natural light levels. Lower your energy consumption and give your occupants a more organic lighting design.

Swipe the image above to see the effect of daylight dimming.

As the image above describes, during daylight hours, luminaires by the window are dimmed as they do not need to be at full output. However, as daylight levels decrease, all fittings will operate at full output.

Daylight dimming ensures that luminaires are only used when they are required.

Daylight dimming reduces the output of the luminaires when natural light levels increase. This ensures that energy is not wasted when it is not needed, providing significant long-term energy savings.

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