Create a comfortable, low glare working environment with Tamlites NEW linear luminaire, suitable for open office or circulation areas such as libraries and teaching spaces; EDGE.

Designed, manufactured and Made in Britain, EDGE comes in various itterations. Choose from a surface, suspended or continuous module depending on the project. Benefitting from the use of an I-Tech TP(a) rated microprism diffuser, designed for low glare reduction to BS EN-12464 compliance, EDGE delivers the ideal illumination for the flexible modern workspace or learning environment.

Surface. Suspended. Continuous.

When creating a lighting design, EDGE offers you flexible options to suit your project.

Choose from surface mounted, suspended with direct or upward/direct option, or continuous - connecting multiple EDGE luminaires together for a lengthy modern look.

Made in Britain

As a proud member of Made in Britain, Tamlite Lighting make it our mission to develop luminaires that uphold British manufacturing values from beginning to end. From concept to delivery, EDGE is a system that delivers on Tamlites corporate social responsibility, offering assurance of high-quality and reliability. 

Office and Education

EDGE is the ideal solution for lighting projects in office and educational environments. The key aim of lighting in office and education applications is to assist workers and students focus on individual tasks – it is vital that the lighting does not hinder productivity and workplace wellbeing. EDGE is designed with our I-Tech diffuser specifically to reduce glare and increase visable comfort and productivity.


Tamlite have designed the EDGE with flexibilty in mind. To provide consultants, designers and architects with multiple options in one range.  With a choice of 3 colours; black, white and grey.
The EDGE also has 3 varients; a surface module, or a suspended linear system that can be standalone or part of a continuous system.

Vision Air

EDGE is compatible with Tamlite’s wireless lighting control network, Vision Air. This offers users control over the lighting system, providing the ability to monitor energy usage, customise pre-set scenes and self-test EDGE emergency variants.

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