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Thornleigh Salesian College - Bolton

Tamlite created a lighting environment designed to boost performance and concentration among students.

Thornleigh Salesian College is a Catholic high school and sixth form located in Bolton. It educates students throughout the crucial ages of 12 to 18.

A wide-scale refurbishment was commenced to a number of blocks throughout the College. This included the Sixth Form block and main school - identified as areas requiring an upgraded lighting system.

The lighting in an educational establishment needs to be geared around providing the best environment for students and staff. Thornleigh Salesian College recognised this to be the case, and set about upgrading the lighting in classrooms and residential spaces. Tamlite Lighting were specified for the lighting installation.

Lighting for Education

Creating an environment that boosts student focus and performance whilst maintaining their comfort is the goal of building services education. In addition, enhancing the wellbeing of its students was critical for Thornleigh.

In the science labs, IT rooms and classrooms, Tamlite has delivered a range of high-performance luminaires in a human-centric lighting design. Within computer rooms, low glare ADVANCE modules were implemented. These designs reduce visible glare and therefore were the ideal luminaire to be used in the lighting design.

Low glare diffusers reduce the prevalence of visible glare. Additionly, the lighting design ensured that uniformity and spacings were at their peak to ensure the best outcome for students. Shadowing and uneven spacing can lead to eye strain over time. It was crucial for Thornleigh that the lighting design met the requirements of both students and staff.

Tamlite Thornleigh Salesian College Bolton science classroom LED lighting

IT rooms, where glare from computer screens can be a major problem, were the main focus of the lighting. As such, the ADVANCE was the ideal solution, creating the optimal IT classroom. Science labs, however, can be a more hazardous environment, with experiments taking place regularly. It was important that the lighting could withstand the rigours of a sixth form science laboratory, so Tamlite specified IP rated TYPHOON recessed modules, with a TP(a) splash-proof diffuser.


Lighting the Way and Reducing Energy Bills

Throughout the residential areas at Thornleigh the lighting was upgraded - providing significantly improved levels of illumination and uniformity. This makes it much easier for people to navigate around the school, particularly in busy periods.

In toilets and bathrooms, IP rated luminaires, controlled using PIR sensors, were installed. These are ideal for environments which are not in constant use. As a result, it means reducing the time of use and lowering maintenance costs.


Emergency Lighting

Integral emergency variants were utilised for luminaires in classrooms, to highlight escape routes and help people vacate the building quickly and safely. The right level of emergency lighting helps people to remain calm when large groups may be evacuating at the same time. Appropriate lighting makes it clear where the exits are and can reduce unnecessary panic.

In the corridors, exit signs and emergency downlights were installed throughout. This was to allow people to easily identify all escape routes out of the building.

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