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Homelet, Lincoln

HomeLet, part of the Barbon Insurance Group, has been supplying insurance solutions to the UK’s private rented sector for over 25 years.

Based in Lincoln, HomeLet employs over 300 staff throughout the two-storey office building. It has been listed in the Times Top 100 companies to work for in 2018 and 2019. This demonstrates the focus that the company has on providing the best working environment for its employees.

In a continued effort to offer a comfortable workspace, HomeLet looked to upgrade the lighting system throughout the site. They chose Tamlite Lighting to provide a solution for the offices, canteen, residential spaces and break areas.

Focus on Lighting for Wellbeing

Employers need to attract and retain talent, and employees are caring more about the types of places they work in. This is why HomeLet puts such emphasis on wellbeing - resulting in the Times Award.

Shadowing on desks and screens previously made it difficult for people to focus, leading to eye strain. On top of this, flicker from fittings caused severe discomfort and headaches among staff. Tamlite delivered a uniform lighting solution to the building that reduced eye strain, with the minimal flicker decreasing discomfort among staff.

HomeLet did not feel that the previous lighting system was adequate for their office. Helen Lloyd, Engagement and Communications Manager at HomeLet, said: “We felt that the 4000K fittings were a little gloomy, and didn’t look as professional as we would have liked.”

Tamlite delivered 5000K modules for the office. Consequently, it provided bright, crisp illumination, to create a productive working environment for staff. It also enhanced the general welcoming environment for visitors.

“Initially people were unsure about the cooler colour temperature,” said Helen. “But very quickly people adjusted and remarked on how much better the lighting was.

“There always needs to be a focus on wellbeing. It makes people more comfortable and it naturally makes people more productive. It's an important aspect for us as a business.”

Energy Efficiency

Another key consideration for HomeLet when choosing their lighting solution was energy efficiency. Having undergone an ESOS audit, they were recommended to upgrade the previous obsolete fittings to LED.

Helen Lloyd said: “We feel that it is the right thing to do, socially, to manage our carbon and energy consumption. This is why we chose luminaires that required half the wattage of our previous fittings.”

This reduction in power usage, and the removal of over 100 fittings, has led to energy savings of over 70% for HomeLet. This saves around £850 per month, and will see a ROI in under 5 years.

PIR sensors have been installed throughout the building. This includes in the residential areas, stairwells and in the offices themselves. The office is controlled in zones, to ensure that the light is only used when required. This further reduces energy consumption.


Lighting Project

The lighting installation took five weeks to deliver, with no disruption to operation in the office. HomeLet were impressed with how the Tamlite sales team worked alongside the supply chain with CEF and Lincliff Task electrical contractors.

Jordan Nabhan, Project Manager at Lincliff Task, said: “It was a pleasure to work with both Tamlite and CEF Colwick. Deliveries of the luminaires were always on time and the quality of the luminaires made the whole installation a quick and easy process.”


If you have specific lighting requirements in your office facility, see how our Technical Lighting Team can help you. For more information click here.

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