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CBG Consultants, Oxford

CBG Consultants is an independent building solution consultancy. With offices in Oxford, London and Cambridge, it specialises in sustainability and building physics.

Focusing on high end building services, CBG specify quality systems. This ranges from lighting and thermal comfort to air flow and noise reduction. They strive to create outstanding living and working environments for occupants.

CBG wanted to upgrade the lighting system in their Oxford office to create the ideal surroundings for staff. Senior Electrical Engineer, Jak Lewis, said: “The previous lighting system that we had in place used fluorescent fittings. This was beginning to look a little dated, and we wanted to upgrade the office with a more modern lighting style that reduced glare. As an employer it is our duty to provide a comfortable working environment for our staff, as well as being able to significantly reduce our energy consumption.”

Office Lighting Solution

Tamlite Lighting was chosen for its range of high performance and aesthetic office luminaires. For this project, they chose the ADVANCE recessed module . To create the ideal working space, a human centric lighting solution was designed. On top of this, Task lighting was also a key consideration. The style of the ADVANCE also greatly enhances the aesthetics of the room.

“As well as performance, these new fittings definitely add character to the room. It makes much more appealing place to work, rather than a dull office. So many of our clients come to us to advise on how best to upgrade,” said Jak Lewis.

The new lighting system was installed with sensors and daylight dimming. As a result, this keeps the light levels in the room consistent throughout the day as natural light fades, creating a comfortable environment in which to work. Daylight dimming also ensures that the luminaires were only used when required. Thus, minimising energy consumption and saving money.

Creative Lighting Design

The project was designed to find the balance between a distinctive ceiling appearance and appropriate illumination levels. The right light levels aid concentration on tasks, rather than straining to focus. The ADVANCE diffuser has been specifically designed to reduce glare, making it the ideal solution.

Downlights were also installed at the edge of the office, serving as a focal point on the walls and creating a visually pleasing display.

Jak Lewis said: “People in the office have said to me that they feel more positive. Stress levels have reduced while productivity is increasing since the new system has been installed. It's making a huge difference to staff wellbeing and creating a happier environment in which to work.”


If you have specific lighting requirements in your office facility, see how our Technical Lighting Team can help you.

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