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Maple Leaf Centre - Solihull

Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health trust boosts patient wellbeing with a connected Tamlite Lighting system.

Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust provides a comprehensive mental healthcare service for residents of Birmingham and Solihull. They offer a range of specialist mental health services to communities across the West Midlands and beyond.

Until 2014, The Maple Leaf Centre had been a key inpatient unit for adults who were suffering with their mental health. The unit was then closed, and remained empty for 5 years. The NHS has refurbished the building, and it has been utilised as an outpatient facility since 2019.

The refurbishment involved opening up the space and allowing in more natural light. As a result, it's provided significant benefits for building occupants and the wellbeing of staff. To accentuate this, Tamlite Lighting was specified to deliver an upgraded lighting solution, replacing the existing unsuitable system.

Delivering Wellbeing

The most notable enhancement to the Centre is in the reception space, where visitors first enter the building. Walls have been painted in pastel colours, delivering a vibrant, but not overwhelming, sense of colour throughout. Additionally, the lighting upgrade enhances the colour.

For elderly patients with mental health concerns, colour is a critical aspect of giving a sense of spatial awareness and comfort. The Alzheimer’s Society recommends that furniture and walls should have visibly different colours. This is in order to help patients depth perception (Alzheimer’s Society, 2017).

Tamlite’s MODLED luminaires in the reception space have a high colour rendering index. Therefore, they display colours on the walls and furniture at their most natural.

Through the use of low glare luminaires and daylight harvesting, illumination levels are kept consistent throughout the day. This consistency is key to ensuring that patients are not dazzled or affected by shadowing.

John Scott, Capital Developments Manager, commented, “We consulted patients to gather their thoughts on what would make the reception area more comfortable. We then worked with the architects and Tamlite to develop a space that suited the patients.”

In addition to patients, the building will hold over 100 members of staff throughout offices and clinic rooms. Promoting staff wellbeing is crucial to ensure that they are comfortable and focused throughout the entire working day. So improving productivity and ensuring the best care for patients is paramount.

Linear lighting systems were installed throughout the bright, open plan offices. This means they are providing uniform light distribution in order to minimise the risk of glare and eye strain.


Efficiency is Key

The new Tamlite Lighting system was installed in conjunction with CEF Stourbridge. This partnership meant that the project was completed on time and in full.

John Scott said, “The quality of the fittings was crucial, particularly to ensure that we reduce our energy costs. It was also vital that the fittings had a 5-year warranty, to provide confidence going forward. We were also pleased with the delivery and project management, meaning it all came together efficiently.”

All Tamlite Sales Engineers are LIA certified, and our Technical Design team have over 100 combined years of experience in lighting design. As members of RELUX, they are able to design bespoke project solutions. As a BAFE certified company, Tamlite Lighting emergency lighting system designs are confirmed to be compliant with British emergency lighting standards, providing peace of mind to our customers.

Tamlite is also a member of the ICEL (Industry Committee of Emergency Lighting). Therefore representing the highest level of legislation in terms of luminaire quality, specialising in emergency lighting.


For more information on how we can provide the ideal lighting solution for your facility, visit healthcare lighting. Alternatively contact a member of our team.


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