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South East Water

New Tamlite lighting solution at South East Water saves almost 80% on energy bills, enhances worker wellbeing and provides waste recycling service.

South East Water supplies drinking water to over 2 million customers in the South East of England. Decision makers at its Morley Road depot and offices recognised that through the upgrade to LED and associated lighting controls, significant long-term energy savings can be achieved.

Tamlite Lighting was specified to carry out the project, supplying the ideal lighting solution throughout the warehouse, depot and offices.

Luke Kavanagh of Lake Electrical commented, “The customer is delighted with how the installation has turned out, and we were very happy with how smooth the supply chain was – delivering the products from Tamlite, to CEF Tunbridge Wells, to us.”

Enhanced Energy Efficiency

The lighting system upgrade also delivered significant energy savings for the Morley Road site.

Replacing 400W high bay fittings with Tamlite’s 112W EXPO luminaires in the warehouse went some way to achieving the reduction in energy consumption.

The total energy savings from the project were calculated at 79%. This, with additional lighting controls, will lead to a swift payback period for South East Water.

PIR sensors were installed throughout the offices and break out areas. These minimise the time of use of the fittings, further improving energy savings and reducing maintenance costs.

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WEEE Recycling Solution

Tamlite, in partnership with its sister company EWRG, provided a recycling solution for the business. Afterwards, the existing fittings were collected and stored at CEF Tunbridge Wells.

EWRG processed and recycled the old luminaires and then gave verified paperwork to South East Water as confirmation that its previous system had been removed and processed responsibly.

Currently, over 70% of commercial buildings still using traditional, non-LED light sources. Tamlite wants to make it clear that significant cost saving can be achieved in your building or facility with the switch to next-generation LED luminaires.


Improving Worker Wellbeing

In addition to the substantial energy savings, the quality of illumination has been vastly improved. The previous lighting system in the offices was causing problems for employees at South East Water. This due to glare from computer screens and the fittings themselves, so they looked to upgrade their lighting.

Consequently, Tamlite specified a low glare modular solution, designed to reduce the prevalence of visible glare. On top of this, it creates a more comfortable working environment for staff.

For more information on what Tamlite can do for your warehouse facility, contact our sales team.

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