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Hoo Junction - Kent

Tamlite Lighting enhances illumination at Hoo Junction rail yard, while delivering 75% energy savings and payback within 2 years.

Hoo Junction is a rail yard in Kent, and has been in place since the 19th Century as a junction for freight trains and aggregate wagons.

As part of a recent refurbishment to the internal and external areas of Hoo Junction, the lighting was given a significant overhaul. This was in order to create a safer working environment, reduce maintenance costs and provide substantial energy savings.

Tamlite Lighting were specified to deliver the upgraded lighting solution. They replaced the external SON fittings and fluorescent indoor battens with high performance LED luminaires and lighting controls. These were specified in order to achieve longer lasting energy savings, as well as removing reliance on staff turning off lights when exiting a room, dramatically reducing energy consumption. These automated control options reduce the time of use of each luminaire, providing substantial energy savings for Hoo Junction.

Tamlite Hoo Junction Rail Yard Kent outdoor LED lighting

Exterior Lighting Solution

In order to illuminate the entire rail yard and ensure that drivers and workers could see clearly, the previous exterior lighting system needed to be 1000W each.

Aaron Cummings, Operations Manager at Hargreaves Industrial and Warehousing Services, said: “The external SON luminaires were seriously showing their age. They were incurring increasingly expensive maintenance and energy costs. Furthermore, the gear was failing, and was becoming increasingly hard to source and replace.”

Firstly, Tamlite delivered a selection of IP65 external solutions, designed to withstand a range of weather conditions. This meant the project installed high output, low-energy STADIA floodlights on top of the existing columns, providing enhanced and uniformed illumination across the yard. With the narrow beam asymmetric lenses, installing floodlights horizontally minimised glare for train drivers and reducing the risk of accidents.

The project aimed to enhance illumination and reduce maintenance costs. The STADIA floodlights, at only 300W – a power consumption of less than a third of the previous floodlights – led to exceptional energy savings for Hoo Junction.

In addition, LED bulkheads were installed around the site. These provide illumination between wagons and walls, removing shadows and delivering consistent, uniform lighting.


Aaron Cummings commented, “As a result of the install, we are producing energy savings of 75%, with an expected return on investment of around 2 years, which is incredibly quick.”


Office Lighting

The previous lighting system in the offices at Hoo Junction used fluorescent batten fittings. As a result, it provided an intensity and colour temperature that was less than desirable for the working environment.

In order to significantly enhance the quality of light, Tamlite specified a range of luminaires designed for office environments. These provided more consistent levels of illumination throughout, creating a more comfortable environment for staff and visitors, enhancing worker performance.

Following this, a range of lighting controls were installed to ensure that the light is only used when required. Because of this, energy saving is enhanced. On top of this, Tamlite has delivered sensors and photocell receptors, enhancing the time of use and reducing energy consumption.

Tamlite had also delivered internal luminaires with additional emergency lighting variants. Integrated emergency versions were preferred, ensuring that escape routes and exits are illuminated at all times. This allows occupants to be aware of their escape routes and prepared in the event of an emergency.

These maintained emergency luminaires switch to emergency mode in the event of a loss of mains power. There will be sufficient illumination for occupants to evacuate the building quickly and safely.

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