University of Salford

Tamlite Lighting Supplies ‘More Efficient, More Comfortable’ Lighting Solution to University of Salford’s Student Life Centre

Staffed by dedicated advisors, the SLC serves as the first port of call for students seeking advice on a wide range of issues. Its position at the heart of university routines is unassailable. However, in recent times there had been a feeling that the Centre was in need of a revamp.

In particular, it was determined that the level and quality of the permanent lighting specification was no longer fit for purpose. Reducing energy consumption is an obvious benefit of LED lighting installations. Projects in schools and colleges regularly returning long-term savings in excess of 40%.

On the other hand, equally important to the University of Salford project was the creation of a more comfortable environment. For both students and staff, the area needed to allow for easy conversation through important topics.

Tamlite's CORNICE luminaire was used in the Student Life Centre to work alongside the abundance of natural light. As a result, it provides an open, welcoming area where students and staff alike could converse in a well-lit, glare-free environment.


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