From Tamlite comes a lighting solution that delivers outstanding illumination, regardless of the ceiling.

The CAPITAL is the latest recessed module solution changing the way buildings are illuminated. Achieving the ideal lighting design no longer requires the right ceiling type; the CAPITAL is designed to be compatible with a range of ceilings – Lay-in, Burgess, Plasterboard and SAS.

Wide Range of Ceiling Types

The modern office is changing. Employers and staff alike are realising the value of workplaces that focus on creating a positive environment. Contemporary workspaces utilise a range of ceiling types, to deliver the character and visual aesthetic that suits them, from conventional suspended and plasterboard ceilings to striking burgess and SAS fixtures. The CAPITAL has been designed to work with all modern ceiling types for maximum flexibility.

Versatility Meets Efficiency

Each CAPITAL option is built to work with a particular ceiling type. The CAPITAL B has been fitted with an adjustable bracket, allowing it to work with pull-up, spring grid and alugrid ceilings. The CAPITAL S is designed with side flanges, ensuring it can sit neatly atop SAS grids. The CAPITAL is also designed to fit with more typical ceiling styles such as Lay-in and plasterboard, providing excellent illumination in conventional offices.

Enhancing the Workplace

The CAPITAL is designed to deliver outstanding illumination, complementing its versatility and power. Its microprism diffuser optic reduces visible glare for those in offices, educational environments and workplaces. When implemented as part of a typical lighting design, the CAPITAL ensures compliance with BS EN-12464, boosting occupant focus and wellbeing. Achieving up to 120 lm/W ensures the CAPITAL delivers exceptional energy efficiency, a key consideration for many in recent times.

Emergency Lighting Solution

Providing compliant emergency lighting is crucial in all occupied buildings. The CAPITAL ensures that environments with specific ceiling types can deliver sufficient illumination in the event of a severe emergency or loss of mains power. The integral emergency version of all modules in the CAPITAL range delivers critical 3-hours illumination when mains power is lost.

Vision Smart

The CAPITAL is also compatible with Tamlite’s wireless lighting control network, Vision Smart. This offers total control over the lighting system, monitoring energy usage, customising pre-set scenes and self-testing of CAPITAL emergency variants.


Recessed module for Lay In type ceilings


Recessed module for Burgess type ceilings


Recessed module for Plasterboard type ceilings


Recessed module for SAS type ceilings


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