Tamlite has launched its latest office lighting solution, SIGNUM. This stylish, linear lighting solution gives building designers, consultants and architects the flexibility to choose the lighting that suits their space.

Available in standalone modules or continuous systems, the SIGNUM transforms the modern workplace, ideal for individual meeting rooms and wide-open office spaces. SIGNUM boasts outstanding performance and build quality to match its sleek, aesthetic design.

Flexible Solution

The essence of the SIGNUM is in its flexibility, offering a fully customisable solution for our customers. Continuous systems can be suspended or recessed, and connected using a variety of shaped modules, to create the network that suits the working environment.

It is through this flexibility that designers can choose the right solution to enhance worker comfort, productivity and wellbeing, creating the lighting system that provides the right light at the right time.

Suspended System

The SIGNUM suspended solution is available with T, X and corner modules, allowing lighting designers to create the ideal lighting network, complying with office standards and delivering a stunning workplace aesthetic.

This high-performance luminaire achieves over 138 lm/W, delivering outstanding energy savings over both traditional light sources, and first generation LED modules.

Recessed Modules

Recessed linear systems can be constructed using the SIGNUM R. Corner modules allow holistic lighting systems to be created. Choose between direct or indirect beam angles to create the light output that suits the space, and suits occupants.

Designed to fit seamlessly into the ceiling, enhancing the room’s visual quality and creating a more dynamic lighting network, that combines both style with performance.


Regardless of the space, the SIGNUM fits. Available in several module lengths and shapes, the SIGNUM flexibly works in any lighting design to create the desired style. A range of diffusers are available too, providing greater influence on the light output.

In addition, the SIGNUM can be customised with regards to colour. Choose from grey, black or white, to select the style that enhances any contemporary office.

Vision Smart

The SIGNUM is also compatible with Tamlite’s wireless lighting control network, Vision Smart. This offers total control over the lighting system, monitoring energy usage, customising pre-set scenes and self-testing of SIGNUM emergency variants.


Suspended linear system


Suspended corner system


Recessed linear system


Recessed corner system


Recessed corner system


Suspended X shaped connector for SIGNUM suspended

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