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Lighting for Crime Prevention

If an area is sufficiently illuminated, it stands to reason that crime levels drop. Theft, vandalism and violent crime rates are all affected by inadequate lighting. Public safety, as well as the security of residents and staff, can be boosted by the right level of outdoor lighting. For those moving around streets or car parks after dark, the lighting should improve the feeling of safety.

Effective urban lighting can see a reduction of over 20% at night, according to the UK's College of Policing.

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Shadows and dark spots can be used to avoid detection and promote fear.

Consistent light levels limit such effects and reduce the opportunity for people to commit criminal acts.

On the other hand, it also makes people feel more naturally safe walking through these areas at night.

The level of illumination at different times of night is key.

In the evening, exterior lighting eases the transition between day and night, allowing people to adjust to darkening skies.

This is particularly important in the Autumn and Winter as daylight levels are low during rush hour, and many people are walking to or from work.

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