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Industrial and warehousing wellbeing

Human-centric lighting strategies can help staff perform efficiently and safely, improving productivity in the process. Adopting this people-first approach to lighting in industrial and warehousing is business critical. If this sounds over-stated, it isn’t.

There is a growing body of research to support the need for perfect balance between natural and artificial light in that adjusts to your staff’s daily rhythms.

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Industrial and Warehousing Applications

We understand every kind of industrial and warehouse space and we know how to deliver the right light for every type of task.

Whether it’s a large, ‘open’ distribution centre, a pick and pack unit or a communal area, we offer a range of technologies that are proven to deliver a powerful combination of efficiency and personal wellbeing for your business and your people.

"According to the British Council of Offices, one in six workers believe their workplace is having a negative impact on their health and wellbeing. Tamlite wants to change this statistic for the better through better, more human-centric lighting."

Human-Centric Warehouse Lighting

Lighting can be used to deliver much more than light: it can energise mood and enhance performance. It can improve alertness, concentration and cognition – all of which are essential functions for warehouse staff. In addition, it helps wider productivity in the warehouse itself.

Correctly applied, it can even lessen absenteeism and sickness through reduced eyestrain, headaches and fatigue.

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In scenarios where your staff work night-shift hours under artificial light, the benefits of human-centric lighting can be significant. Using a broad colour spectrum and range of intensity to support people’s natural circadian rhythms, LED lighting can be tuned to support the needs of the human body clock. This will help your workforce to feel alert when they need to, and improve their cognition and productivity in the process.

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Tamlite Lighting CPD: Lighting for Wellbeing

Tamlite CPD modules are designed to pass on the knowledge that we have acquired after a lifetime in lighting, to help people understand the fundamental principles of good lighting practice. The industry continues to change and expand, and our CPD modules offer an in-depth guide to new developments within lighting. Sign up to our Lighting for Wellbeing CPD module to gather insight into the importance of lighting for wellbeing, and how best to achieve it.

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Industrial and Warehousing Sector Leaflet

For an overview of our industrial lighting capabilities, download our sector leaflet.

This provides a snapshot of our case studies, products and range of warehousing lighting solutions.