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Vision Lighting for Healthcare

Connected lighting gives more control to facility managers of the entire healthcare estate, whether it is a hospital, care home or surgery. A connected system provides benefits in term of patient care, worker effectiveness and energy consumption.

A connected lighting system can tune the colour temperature to our natural daily rhythms, enhancing hormone production to benefit wellbeing. This is particularly important for inpatients who may need to remain at the hospital for an extended period of time.


The use of Vision

Vision Connect utilises Daylight Harvesting to keep lux levels at a consistent level throughout the hospital or care home.

By detecting the level of ambient illumination, Vision Lighting luminaires can maintain the light intensity at a consistent level. This creates a more comfortable environment for people, and significantly reducing energy consumption.

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Energy saving and control

By taking control of the lighting, facility managers can manage their energy costs.

Asset tracking utilises heat mapping to monitor the most commonly visited spaces within the estate. This allows facility managers to control the space accordingly.

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Healthcare Sector Leaflet

For an overview of our healthcare lighting capabilities, download our sector leaflet.

This provides a snapshot of our case studies, products and range of healthcare-based lighting solutions.