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Lighting for the NHS

As one of the most iconic British institutions, the NHS cares for millions of patients every year. It sees over 15 million A&E attendances and more than 300 million GP visits. The NHS employs over 1 million people throughout its 233 trusts. This is a combination of medical staff, managements and custodial among others. NHS facilities are about the people inside them, and Tamlite Lighting is proud to be a part of creating the right environment for everyone.

Lighting for healthcare facilities needs to enable workers to carry out their jobs effectively. Because of this, it needs to create a comforting environment for patients and visitors, and minimise ongoing energy and maintenance costs. Take a look at Tamlite’s range of lighting solutions for NHS facilities, from hospitals and treatment rooms to mental health and community centres.

Lighting for NHS Hospitals

Tamlite delivers lighting solutions for large hospitals. As a result, they help create the best possible environment to aid patient recovery. This is through clear, crisp illumination to enhance visitor wellbeing and staff focus.

From receptions and corridors to waiting rooms and inpatient wards, Tamlite’s extensive portfolio of luminaires ensures the right solution for each application.

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Lighting for Treatment Centres

Tamlite understands that in treatment rooms and surgeries, staff concentration is absolutely critical. In order to deliver the most effective care, medical staff must be able to both see and think clearly.

Poor lighting can hamper worker focus and performance. Tamlite creates lighting solutions that seamlessly integrate with the room, allowing you to focus without distraction.

Mental Health Lighting

The impact of light and the world around has measurable impacts on our mental health. In dedicated NHS mental health centres, the benefits of a quality lighting system are even more pronounced.

Creating a comfortable space for patients and visitors in mental health facilities is the top priority. This ensures they feel calm and content whilst they are waiting or being treated.

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Lighting for Community Hospitals

Tamlite has experience in delivering outstanding lighting for smaller NHS facilities, including local community hospitals.

Although on a smaller scale, patient requirements are no different. Tamlite designs and manufactures lighting solutions to create the ideal environment to provide excellent patient care.

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Healthcare Sector Leaflet

For an overview of our healthcare lighting capabilities, download our sector leaflet.

This provides a snapshot of our case studies, products and range of healthcare-based lighting solutions.