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Automatic, self-testing of emergency lighting installations are built for large buildings and estates. These include schools, universities, factories and public buildings is considered essential. The testing of Emergency lighting throughout private or public buildings is the responsibility of the owner or occupier.

The legislation for this is laid out in the standards. As a result, landlords, end users or owner occupiers are at risk if they do not have the correct testing and recording of emergency lighting installations in place.

The Tamlite e-CONNECT system provides one of the most professional and complete automatic self-testing systems on the market.

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The Tamlite e-CONNECT system is a flexible, professional and autonomous emergency testing system. It allows scheduled maintenance programmes to be carried out without the need for walking around the site.

The system incorporates the use of addressable DALI emergency modules to allow monitoring of status and condition. On top of this, it also features a communications protocol that allows for central monitoring and reporting. Remote access to the emergency lighting network is also here. This is for testing and real-time status.

Central to the control and management is the e-CONNECT panel. This is the final termination point of the 2-core DALI bus. The e-CONNECT panel provides an easy user-interface for engineers or site managers. This allows them to schedule testing, allowing for monitor statuses and report testing results back to a central network point.

All emergency function and duration testing can be scheduled remotely from the panel. Afterwards, a collection of all results and identification of failed units can be received. Larger installations can have multiple panels connected together. The panel has a 7” colour screen with a user-friendly display and a screen lock mode.

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Emergency Sector Leaflet

For an overview of our emergency lighting capabilities, download our sector leaflet.

This provides a snapshot of our case studies, products and range of emergency-based lighting solutions.