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Lighting for Education Wellbeing

From children to young adults, the spaces in which we teach are changing. They are becoming more dynamic, more considered, more human-centric. As well as temperature, humidity and ventilation, lighting is central to providing the optimal conditions for both lecturer and student.

A number of studies indicate that in universities and higher education establishments, attention levels are significantly linked to light. Concentration, focus and learning retention are key to maximising academic performance, and the right lighting can help boost these essential elements among university students.

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Research shows that modern, intuitive LED lighting in universities, colleges and schools can help children to overcome early-morning tiredness and boost alertness and concentration levels throughout the day.

Studies conclude that those who study under human-centric light feel more invigorated and positive. The bottom-line benefit? During school hours, children’s bodies – and brains – will perform better, teacher absenteeism and stress will be reduced, providing the best outcome for students.

Wellbeing in education is a concern right across the supply chain. From schools and universities to institutions, lighting applies to all aspects of educational bodies and their operation.

We work closely with architects, bursars, FMs, governors and headteachers to optimise learning environments for future generations through perfectly lit learning spaces. Lighting the future means providing young people with the ideal environment to learn.

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Education Sector Leaflet

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