Professional Emergency Drop Light

  • Available as surface, semi-recessed or suspended version
  • Available in 4 legends
  • Attractive LED Emergency drop light
  • 30m viewing distance for large open areas
  • Polycarbonate lens for high performance and spacings
  • Conduit both sides and rear backplate cable entry
  • Supplied in cool white (5000K) LED
IP20IK04Electrical class 15 Years Warranty2 Years On-Site Warranty (T&C`s Apply)
≤3 W
Product Filter

If you don’t have a part number, use the filter to find what you need. Select product and light source first to narrow the output and power options.

Order CodeDescriptionWL(mm)W(mm)D(mm)Add to Project
ELDA3E13W - Arrow Right - 5000K333026645
ELDA3E23W - Arrow Left - 5000K333026645
ELDA3E33W - Arrow Down - 5000K333026645
ELDA3E43W - Arrow Up - 5000K333026645
ELDD3E13W - Arrow Right - 5000K333026645
ELDD3E23W - Arrow Left - 5000K333026645
ELDD3E33W - Arrow Down - 5000K333026645
ELDD3E43W - Arrow Up - 5000K333026645
ELDM3E13W - Arrow Right - 5000K333026645
ELDM3E23W - Arrow Left - 5000K333026645
ELDM3E33W - Arrow Down - 5000K333026645
ELDM3E43W - Arrow Up - 5000K333026645