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Majestic Wines, Summertown

Majestic Wines opened its new store in Summertown in early 2019. They provide customers with a wide selection of wines, wine tasting facilities and expert advice.

The new branch needed to be refurbished in order to create a contemporary, modern feel, particularly in North Oxford. The previous lighting system in the building used traditional fittings, identified as detractors to the overall aesthetic of the store.

Tamlite Lighting were specified to deliver a high-quality lighting system, highlighting key products in store and enhancing the customer experience.

Enhanced Retail Lighting

Store aesthetics was the top priority for Majestic Wines. The space is a vibrant mix of colours and tones within the signage. Combined with the naturally varied colours of the products on display, delivering luminaires with a high colour rendering index was key.

Tamlite installed downlights, accentuating the products on display. Additionally, they created a visually pleasing aesthetic for customers to enjoy. With its wine tasting bar, the aim of the store is to encourage customers to remain in store for some time. So, the importance of the lighting providing a comfortable experience, encouraging visitors to return, was paramount.

The lighting design specified downlights in the centre of the shop, over the products themselves. Additional luminaires are now found around the aisles. As a result, bottles are illuminated from the top and side, enhancing their aesthetics and making them more appealing to customers. The high CRI of the downlights ensures that products are shown in their true colours, enhancing the crisp whites and deep reds of the wine bottles.

Tamlite Majestic Wines Summertown Case Study downlight LED lighting

Energy Efficiency

In order to achieve significant long term energy savings, Majestic Wines chose to select Tamlite LED luminaires. Ian Brown, Building Surveyor at Oanek Building Consultants, said: “Tamlite provides a useful design and calculation service, which we would transpose into the specification. The new fittings will provide a return on investment within 4 years.”

To further increase energy savings, PIR sensors were installed for the staff areas. They ensure that the lighting is only used when required. As the staff areas may be out of use for long periods during the day, it’s important that the lighting is not in use. Overall, it creates a reduction in energy consumption.


Further Majestic Wines Projects

Given the success of Tamlite's fit-out of the Summertown store, Tamlite returned for the new Majestic Wines branch in Beckenham. It is one of several locations opened in 2020.

A range of Tamlite downlights were installed in the customer-facing spaces. This accentuates the visual appeal of the store and products, creating an enhanced customer experience to boost sales.


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