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dock10 Studios, Salford

Big lighting upgrade for the small screen at Media City dock10 Studios.

Situated at the heart of Media City, Salford, dock10 studios are the home of many of the UK’s favourite television programmes. This includes 'Who Wants to be a Millionaire?', 'Match of the Day', 'Countdown' and many more.

Delivering both pre-recorded programmes and shows in front of a live studio audience, the facility must be up to standard for long working hours. On top of this, it must ensure audience members are comfortable in the studio.

dock10 identified the lighting as requiring an urgent upgrade, replacing the existing fluorescent luminaires. Tamlite Lighting were chosen to deliver the updated lighting system to dock10’s specification.

Emergency LED Upgrade

The key to the new lighting system was to ensure that most new fittings had an integrated emergency option.

With large studio audiences present for a number of programmes produced at the site, emergency lighting is all the more critical. In the event of emergency, it will help people to evacuate the building efficiently.

Tamlite specified a lighting solution that dramatically improved illumination throughout the site. It did this while also providing emergency lighting when required.

In line with BS 5266:1 2016, the new system delivers the required level of emergency illumination at ground level. This means it helps people who may not be familiar with their surroundings to exit the building safely if needed.

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Enhanced Sustainability and Thermal Management

In line with dock10’s sustainability strategy to procure energy efficient products, Tamlite’s high performance LED luminaires were the ideal solution. Tamlite’s high-bay lighting solution delivers outstanding illumination throughout the site. At the same time, they also minimise energy consumption to reduce ongoing costs.

This studio lighting can get hot during long filming sessions – and could cause problems for the previous fluorescent fittings. This was because they also had inherently poor thermal management. Given the 24/7 nature of the facility, reducing maintenance time is a key consideration.

Oliver Howe, Turnaround Manager at dock10 Studios, said: “The combination of studio lighting and fluorescent fittings meant it could get hot up there, making the lights go very brittle. The LED solution specified by Tamlite provided significantly improved thermal control, and is far more capable of withstanding high temperatures. Overall, this reduces maintenance time and costs for dock10 Studios.”

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