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Lighting for Industrial

Tamlite’s modern, efficient lighting systems offer an attractive way to reduce both energy consumption and maintenance burden on site. We understand that the priority to save energy across warehouse and industrial premises remains balanced by a need to uphold health and safety, and keep a close eye on the budget.

We understand every kind of industrial space and we know how to deliver the right light for every type of task. Whether it’s a vast production area, an assembly line or a communal area, we offer a range of technologies that are proven to deliver a powerful combination of efficiency and personal wellbeing for your business and your people.

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Work shops
Clean Room
Hazardous Areas

Lighting for Factory

Factory lighting must deliver a combination of good colour rendition and enhanced levels of illumination, with long lifespans, reduced maintenance downtime and lower costs. With national and international bodies already enacting rigorous new carbon targets, the lower emissions of LED lighting also serve to strengthen what is now an overwhelmingly compelling case for transition.

Lighting for Work shops

Well designed and specified lighting in workshop spaces makes a positive contribution to employee well-being by reducing glare or flicker. What's more, incorporating daylighting helps to enhance employee comfort as daily tasks are carried out.

Lighting for Clean Room

Manufacturing in 'clean room' conditions requires specialist lighting solutions. Not only to ensure the highest quality lighting is specified, but also to guarantee lighting meets the rigorous standards relating to cleanliness and wash-down.

Lighting for Hazardous Areas

Ensuring correct storage and handling of hazardous materials is essential in any modern manufacturing or industrial facility. Therefore the lighting in these areas must be of high quality and supply the correct lumens level for safe identification of colour-coded labelling. In addition it should be able to operate in controlled temperature storage areas and supply light without heat. Reduced maintenance or replacement requirements help manage risk and maintain safety.

Lighting for Kitchens

Cleanliness, hygiene and illumination are imperative to ensure staff safety and optimum product quality when working around sharp utensils and processing machines. Lighting requirements will vary dependent on the task, from food preparation and cutting to inspection.

Lighting for Toilets

Lighting consideration for toilet facilities varies greatly depending on occupancy levels. Smaller premises with fewer staff could benefit from a presence detector, however in larger premises, toilets are likely to be one of the areas that are illuminated throughout the day. Switching to LEDs with a wider beam, saves energy, reduces maintenance costs compared to halogen or florescent lamps and gives a better looking result.

Case studies

Industrial spaces are not always straightforward environments for installing new lighting technologies. Yet, armed with the right knowledge, it’s possible to make the right choices that will net real energy savings. Whether you are an energy manager, a maintenance manager or an FM, our industrial sector experts can work with you at every stage of your lighting specification journey.