Hazardous Area Weatherproof - Zone 2/22

  • Suitable for indoor areas of high risk explosions or outdoor under shelters
  • Easy clip-on design for quick install and maintenance
  • Various mounting options on ceiling or wall
  • Integrated emergency option available
  • ATEX certified for category 3, certified type Ex nR IIC T6 Gc & Ex tc IIIC T62
  • Certified to EN 60079 zone 2 (GAS) and zone 22 (DUST)
  • For use in ambient temperature range of -20°C to + 45°C
  • Zone 2/22 hazardous area weatherproof fitting
  • CRI: Ra>80
  • Polycarbonate body finished in white (RAL 9016)
  • Opal Polycarbonate TP(a) diffuser
  • Integral driver
  • Stainless steel external screws
  • Supplied in neutral white (4000K) LED
  • Up to 155 lumens per Watt efficacy
IP66IK10Electrical class 15 Years Warranty
≤62.2K lm
≤90 W
≤155 lm/W
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Order CodeDescriptionlmWlm/WL(mm)W(mm)D(mm)Add to Project
XNCF2210NW15W - 4000K230015153670155105
XNCF2210NWM315W - 4000K230015153670155105
XNCF2410NWM336W - 4000K410036114670155105
XNCF2410NW29W - 4000K440029152670155105
XNCF4410NW29W - 4000K4500291551280155105
XNCF4410NWM329W - 4000K4500291551280155105
XNCF5620NW47W - 4000K7200471531580155105
XNCF5620NWM347W - 4000K7200471531580155105
XNCF4820NWM372W - 4000K8200721141280155105
XNCF4820NW58W - 4000K8700581501280155105
XNCF51030NW74W - 4000K11200741511580155105
XNCF51030NWM374W - 4000K11200741511580155105