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AXIS – Keep offices working and promote wellbeing

High performance module designed with a I-Tech diffuser to reduce glare in the working environment, boosting productivity and reducing discomfort.

Creating an effective office environment is not easy. The right lighting design, utilising the latest low glare luminaires, can make a workplace that enhances staff wellbeing and improves performance.

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To see how the AXIS can transform an office to reduce glare and boost comfort.

Tamlite Vision Controls

The AXIS can be tuned to provide the lighting output that occupants need.

Tunable White

The AXIS tunes between 2,700K and 6,500K to provide the right output to enhance wellbeing among employees

Drag the slider to see the changing colour temperature


Wellbeing at Work

A low glare, human centric lighting system is ideal to promote wellbeing in offices and educational environments.

Case Study

Winnington Park Primary School

Utilised AXIS luminaires in the communal spaces and classrooms to provide a comfortable environment for students and staff.

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