Lighting for Wellbeing

Tamlite CPD modules are designed to pass on the knowledge that we have acquired after a lifetime in lighting, to help people understand the fundamental principles of good lighting practice.

The industry continues to change and expand, and our CPD modules offer an in-depth guide to new developments within lighting. Whether you are a lighting designer, architect or consultant, our professional CPD modules demonstrate the key concepts surrounding the power of lighting for wellbeing.

Lighting for Wellbeing CPD

Lighting for Wellbeing provides a detailed summary of the effect of light on our lives, how natural light differs from artificial illumination, and what can be done by lighting manufacturers and designers to deliver a truly human-centric lighting solution. Contact us through the form below if you are interested in attending our CPD module.

Wellbeing Case Study

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Tamlite regularly publishes articles highlighting the importance of wellbeing in the workplace. Along the supply chain, lighting for wellbeing is becoming increasingly important, and Tamlite news articles help raise awareness of how the industry can enhance people's working environment.

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