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Lighting for Communal

Tamlite understands that modern, efficient lighting for hallways and communal areas is about more than showing the way; it’s about giving life to functional spaces. Carefully considered decorative lighting can also give functional spaces a welcoming feel that connects them and enhances a building’s aesthetics. In addition, energy efficient lighting solutions offer an attractive way to reduce both the energy consumption and maintenance burden across premises.

Reception rooms

Lighting for Walkways

Tamlite understands the necessity for safe, well-lit and secure walkways: through property owned by councils, alongside roads, bus or cycle lanes, or in private residential developments and higher education accommodation areas. Ongoing maintenance costs might include down-time, man-hours, replacement or additional materials, the occassional requirement for road-closures, and the necessity to hire specialist equipment to service. These can be reduced by the installation of modern systems which incorporate programmable controls and monitoring.

Lighting for Corridors

Indoor corridors present a particular challenge as they are often without sufficient natural light. Effective, reliable lighting for thoroughfares is fundamental to ensuring occupants, staff and visitors can safely navigate their way through the building.

Lighting for Stairways

Activity levels on and around stairwells varies from minimal use, to stairs acting as bottlenecks in emergency situations. Regardless of usage levels, staircases need to be well illuminated to ensure user safety and secure safe navigation; care should be taken to avoid glare for people ascending or descending.

Lighting for Reception rooms

Lighting in a reception area plays an important role for making staff and visitors welcome, aiding the transition from outside to inside the heart of the building itself. Well designed and specified lighting 'sets the scene' and helps to create the right first impression.

Lighting for Security

Appropriate lighting in a security-controlled area is important for all aspects of security and safety. The right lighting enables facial recognition, observation of large crowds, easy visibility of monitoring screens, and plays an important role for making visitors safe and welcome.

Lighting for Toilets

Lighting consideration for toilet facilities varies greatly depending on occupancy levels. Smaller premises with fewer staff, residents or visitors could benefit from a presence detector. However in larger premises, toilets are likely to be one of the areas that are illuminated throughout the day. Switching to LEDs with a wider beam, saves energy, reduces maintenance costs compared to halogen or florescent lamps and gives a better looking result (provided the LEDs have good colour rendering and are not too 'cool').

Case studies

Indoor and outdoor amenity lighting must satisfy a variety of needs, and technology choices should be carefully considered. Yet armed with the right knowledge, it is possible to make the right choices that will net real business benefits. Whether you are an estates director, a property and maintenance manager or an FM, our indoor and outdoor amenity lighting experts can assist you at every stage of your lighting specification project: from product selection to advice on how to build a board-level business case for your lighting upgrade.