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Office outlet - formerly Staples

Office Outlet makes its new store look modern and professional with Tamlite Lighting Solution.

After the takeover of Staples by Hilco, Staples stores have now been rebranded as Office Outlet. As a result, a number of new-build branches have been opened throughout the UK.
The latest new store in Parc Tawe Retail Park, Swansea, was fitted with the I LINE linear system. In partnership with CEF Huntingdon, this solution was installed at the site, in-store and back of house.

The I LINE system provides an even light distribution across the shop floor, illuminating the aisles and shelving areas to guide customers around the store. The flexibility of the I LINE allows retail store fit outs to be individually designed and future-proofed for further changes as customers desire. Read More.

Click here to see the full details of the OFFICE OUTLET (STAPLES) lighting upgrade.

Office outlet - formerly Staples