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Automatic self-testing of emergency lighting installations for large buildings and estates such as Universities, Colleges, Schools, Factories and Public Buildings.

Peace of mind

e-CONNECT ensures the “Responsible Person” for Emergency installations meet legal obligations with regard to emergency lighting testing has been carried out and recorded.

The testing of emergency lighting throughout private or public buildings is the responsibility of the owner or occupier. The legislation for this is laid out in BS5266-1; landlords, end users or owner occupiers are at risk if they do not have the correct testing and recording of emergency lighting installations in place.

The Tamlite e-CONNECT system provides one of the most professional and complete automatic self-testing systems on the market.

The e-CONNECT system allows scheduled maintenance programmes to be carried out without the need for walking around site and costly access. The system incorporates the use of fully addressable DALI emergency modules to allow full monitoring of status and battery condition, and a communications protocol that allows for central monitoring and reporting as well as remote access to the emergency lighting network for testing and real-time status.

The entire system is wired via a simple 2-wire bus system that acts as the communication highway for devices to report back on function and duration testing.

Luminaires can be dedicated emergency or conversions of standard luminaires and these can be grouped or zoned into user-defined sectors allowing scheduled testing of different areas or luminaire types at specific times


  • Touch screen interface
  • Colour coded on-screen status indication for easy identification
  • 60 devices can be connected per loop and 2 loops in total (120 devices). Further capacity is available through additional networked panels or an IP gateway
  • Ethernet port for networking and off-site monitoring
  • Test logs electronically stored in non-volatile memory can be downloaded via Ethernet or USB connection