The design of any installation starts with a careful and knowledgeable decision about the choice of lamps. The benefitsof every lamp available are carefully weighed gainst the requirements of the site, the wishes of the client and any Statutory design requirements to make sure the correct lamp is used.

In today's fast changing lighting market it is vital to maintain a broad knowledge of all the latest lamp technology that can provide performance and reliability with the benefits of Saving Lighting Energy. Typical commercial applications inevitably lean towards linear fluorescent lamps and the latest T5 slimline versions offer the end user huge savings in running costs when compared to other sizes, as well as improved performance and longer life.

With the demise of T8 halophosphate lamps the benefits of Tri-phosphor are fast becoming the default lamp choice for many professionals. The comparison of all 4 lamp options shows the clear choice.







Long-life (48,000 hours) T5 and T8 tubes are now available to
provide even better longevity solutions. Ask for the Tamlite 'XL'

LED replacement lamps cont inue to develop and improve so
that they can provide energy-efficient solutions for a multitude of
applications. They can offer significant reductions in operating costs
with a minimal reduction in output and provide realistic whole-oflife
savings. They are now available in the very popular GU10
format and are ideal for replacement of halogen downlights,
saving up to 70% on running costs.


Modern, energy-efficient lamps need the latest micro-electronic technology to operate at their optimum efficiency. Warm-start, high-frequency (electronic) ballasts are the everyday solution. High frequency control gear is the de-facto option for anyone looking to balance performance with maximum efficiency in any lighting environment that involves fluorescent. The range of products and features can now be suited to just about every application and the cost is well within most viable payback scenarios.

For warm-start, electronic ballasts the following features are standard

> Savings of up to 20% over switch start systems
> Smooth start and flicker-free operation
> Silent operation provides comfortable environment
> Cool running helps maintain overall building efficiency
> Improved life on lamps contributes to reduced life cost
> Standard 3 year warranty on ballasts, with 5 year option


Further savings are now much more realistic with the continued development of dimmable electronic ballasts. Tamlite can offer a wide range of DSI dimming ballasts that can enable manual or automatic dimming to realise further energy savings. Dimmable ballasts are now the same low-profile size as standard switched ballasts and can therefore be used in a wider range of luminaires and applications. Manual or automatic dimming can provide up to 30% savings over normal electronic switched ballasts.



Energy savings up to 60%
By embracing the latest technology our customers can benefit from significant energy savings. From the simplest switch through to an all electronic lighting installation, to the top-of-the-range control system, Tamlite Lighting can provide a solution for every application.

Major improvement of lighting environment
Recent studies have shown that an improvement in the lighting environment in many different applications results in a direct



improvement in employee well-being and performance. This can be achieved through automatic control of accurate illumination levels or user control for varied application needs.

Reduced maintenance and life costs
The VISION range offers a solution to those looking for long-term maintenance cost reduction through longer life components, reduced switching cycles and simplified installation.

> Recessed low-energy downlight
> Compact dimensions
> Supplied with 11W low energy lamp
> Fire rated
* Saving compared to 50W Halogen
> High output multi lamp luminaire
> Ideal for factories, warehouses, sports halls
> Integrated daylight sensor
> Fully programmable from ground
* Saving compared to SON/MBI low-bay
> Slimline fluorescent batten
> Latest T5 tri-phosphor lamp and gear
> Built-in presence detector
> Automatic photocell control
* Saving compared to T8 halophosphate batten
> Compact circular bulkhead
> Integrated presence detector
> Supplied with low energy 2D lamps
> Colour trims options
* Saving compared to switch start version

The CARBON TRUST loan scheme can provide interest-free loans to Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) that can help offset the cost of installing energy efficient lighting. Tamlite Lighting can make the application on your behalf and then provide savings that meet the payback requirements. The interest-free loans can provide £1,000 of loan for every 1.5 tonnes of Carbon saved.

EXAMPLE * Annual hours based on 11 hours/day - 5 days/week, 48 wks/year

EXISITING LIGHTING 4 x 18W switch-start lay-in modules 100 2640 10216
NEW LIGHTING 4 x 14W T5 modules 75 2640 5534
        Carbon Savibs (kg) = 4682



The RELUX suite of design software gives unprecedented access to a wide range of simple yet highly effective design facilities.

The latest version provides access to the full range of photometric
data for Tamlite Lighting products as well as enhanced presentation features.

The new RELUX suite also allows the import of .dxf or .dwg files into the programme, thereby saving time and ensuring highly accurate design parameters are used.

At Tamlite Lighting we are committed to providing all of our customers with the ultimate in service that they would expect from a professional lighting manufacturer with over 40 years experience in the lighting industry.

Part of this service involves providing the very best in design facilities. Our team of highly skilled design engineers at our dedicated Technical Department in Telford can provide design solutions for any level of enquiry. From simple telesales advice on which product would best suit a specific application, right through to full layout, schematic and CAD design using the very latest software available.


This is backed up by our 20 strong team of professionally qualified Sales Engineers who cover the whole of the U.K. and Ireland. They are on hand to discuss and present the solutions and products that are available, as well as provide design facilities themselves. All are LIF qualified and certified and undergo continuous training to make sure they remain well-informed on all of the latest advances in lamp, gear and controls technology.