LED low bay, suitable for Industrial, Warehousing and Sports Hall areas up to 20m mounting height
High output LED low bay
Emergency and VISION control options available
Can save up to 60% energy
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White painted steel body
Supplied with integral driver(s)
Supplied with neutral white (4000K) LED module
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Order Code Operating Mode Version Lamp(s) Nominal Size (mm) Lumens (lm) Total Power (W) Efficacy (lm/W) Weight (kg)
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/DALI DALI dimming
/M3 3 hour integrated emergency
/AST Emergency self test available
/V** Vision integral lighting control available
/WB Wide beam
/NB Narrow beam
/HR High rack optic
/WG Wire guard
/CW Cool white (5000K)
/DL Daylight (6500K)