Spares & Components
Optical Systems
Linear Fluorescent Products
Technical Department
With nearly five decades of manufacturing we are aware of millions of Tamlite products installed in the market place. To ensure we can satisfy our client’s needs for continued performance we offer a large range of component spares through our TAMCO range, situated within its own facility offering fast turnaround of orders, however small to ensure we keep our customers going!
Our linear and modular products all require optical control. Our dedicated factory in Telford produces our own high quality Aluminium Louvres and extruded plastic diffusers, to reduce the supply chain time and cost and thus ensure, we stay competitive and reactionary to the speed of our client’s needs.
Tamlite has produced over 20 million fluorescent ‘batten’ luminaires across 3 decades. With the advent of T5 lamp technology and the innovative 8ft/2400mm T5 batten the product still offers a low cost entry into high performance lighting for industrial type applications.
Our experienced laboratory and R&D team design, test and evaluate all our products to ensure conformity to the necessary EMC, thermal, environmental, mechanical and optical standards. Also sited here, is our large, lighting design department who use RELUX and 3D modelling to apply our products in the most suitable designs.
The advent of electronic control gear and semi conductor lighting means that a lighting company must have significant knowledge of electronic circuit design and performance. We at Tamlite prefer to have that knowledge base in-house and our team are constantly researching new designs to improve performance and reduce cost.